Tips for FINDING a Pets OWNERS  

Thank you for being a hero for pets and trying to help the stray you have found.  Chances are that the pet has a family that is searching desperately for it, and these tips will help them to be reunited as quickly as possible.
 Look for tags. 
If there is no owner information, rabies tags can be traced back to the city that issued the rabies tag.
Contact your local Animal Control for the right steps in your city/parish.
Take the pet to a local veterinary office or animal shelter to scan for a microchip (which  provides owners information). 
It is a free service to scan for a microchip.
  Post to Lafayette Animal Control Center Lost and Found
Post “found pet” ads in the local newspapers, websites and Social Network (Facebook, Etc).  Include a photo of the dog and a way to contact you.
  • Advertiser 337-289-6300 (be careful with callers. Do vet checks, get descriptions.)

Create and Post Fliers: Make your own or download a free template here. 

  • Post in the area dog was found
  • Post in local grocery stores
  • Post in local Veterinary offices
    Knock on neighbor's doors. Bring a picture.
  Ask your mail carrier if they know where the dog lives, also if you see a UPS/ local delivery truck.
  If the dog is injured, don’t try to move him. Even the sweetest-looking animal might snap or bite when injured or scared. Instead, call your nearest shelter or rescue.
If the owners are not found after a few weeks you may want to:
  • Post flyers at veterinarian offices (looking for a great home)
  • Contact local rescues (you can do Google search for breed specific rescue groups or  all breeds rescue groups by cities).  Please understand that most rescues are usually full to capacity and may not be able to help by taking the dog into their system.  Rescue groups are all non-profit organizations and rely on donations from the public to enable them to rescue all pets; you may have a better chance at getting a rescue group to accept the pet by making a donation to cover the pets vetting to get it ready for adoption

If all rescue groups are full, some may offer to post a courtesy posting for a home; however most will want the dog completely vetted (altered, up-to-date on all vaccinations and heartworm free).