Animal Success Stories
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Nilla is the most wonderful bestfriend, loyal, obedient, silly, charismatic, and I could go on endlessly listing her qualities. She is doing great and has grown mentally since we adopted her. We adopted her in July 2015 and by October we could see the transformation in her . Thats when she began to discover her innerself. She has become more comfortable with herself and is no longer compmetely codependent on me. At first I couldn't walk from one side of the room to the other without her in my feet ( which I didn't mind ) much less room to room of the house. Now she is totally OK with continuing to snooze in her personal chair while I go about my work throughout the house. She knows on her own when it's bedtime and when I walk in our room she's already there. I found her in bed , head on her pillow, and covered with the comforter up to her shoulders.  Granted that's after she has her fun rolling around in it , tossing all of the pillows off, only leaving the two we use. Since her adoption we adopted another small dog named Oti in November. The two are best of friends. Oti has helped her in many ways. His example of interacting with people has taught Nilla how a dog returns affection. That's when she finally began to lick us once or twice on our hands.The two are such a blessing for us to have in our lives. Nilla has accepted and become very accustomed to the spoiled life we provide her. The first time I met Nilla I had my doubts and really wasn't sure of her. She came down the walkway unsure of herself, resisting the leash, and slightly grawling. What made my decision to go ahead and adopt her was the reaction she had  to my daughter. I knew it when Nilla locked eyes with my daughter . Nilla then walked straight up to her and they touched nose to nose. Seeing the complete change in Nilla at that moment gave me chills and made me realize she was meant to be part of our family. I can't imagine what life would be like if we hadn't adopted her. My family and I would like to thank all of you at ARF for the long hours, dedication, and hard work you all put in to saving these animals. If it were not for all of you at ARF , we would not be blessed by having Nilla in our family. I will send pictures of her tomorrow to you . I apologize for such a long explanation. I am just a very proud mom of my Nilla and how much progress she's made over the past few month's . 

Thank you all again so very much,