Animal Success Stories
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Dana is doing well. We have started training with her. She sits and lays, although stay is hard for her. She gets along well with our male boxer. They play a lot and cuddle. She is funny and has some cute quarks. She likes to head butt you in the mornings to go outside and eat. She also makes this sound that sounds like Chewbacca from star wars. We often tell our friends she can speak wookie.  She has fit into our family perfectly and we are glad we had the opportunity to adopt her. 


Charlie came home and in the beginning had several accidents, so much so, that I considered taking him back.  After a while, all accidents stopped. I have a crate, but the door stays open, he goes in it as he pleases. Charlie is a little odd, he walks along side of me, no leash needed, but only walks on my left side. He is definitely NOT a watch dog, the only time he barks and when he goes outside and is ready to come back in. I brought him to the vet for his check up, and was told he is doing great for a 12 year old dog. I am very pleased with adopting Charlie.


Here is Turk, an adopted ARFan, and now a Therapy Dog!  He is  working with teachers and  children at Sandy Hook School.   We are so proud of Turk!


Kody (aka Koda) was a star @ an annual event in his new home state CT! Kody is a Dachsador (Daschund and Lab mix). We are so proud to see our adopted ARFans enjoying life to the fullest!



Kailee was a special needs breed, that found a very special home!

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